DMN Technical Compatibility Kit

Fujitsu America is proud to support the efforts of the DMN TCK Working Group as they strive to make Decision Modeling Notation into a real, provably working standard and to offer a way for vendors to clearly and easily exhibit their conformance capability.

Fujitsu Digital Transformation Platform (DXP) support DMN rule execution through the use of Red Hat Drools open source libraries since release 2.3. DMN decision models can be added to a DXP application, and DXP offers a JSON REST API to invoke the rules.

Test Results

See our TCK Test Suite Results on the DMN TCK site.


If you want to test DXP to see if you get the same results, one only needs to put the DMN model into a DXP application, and use the regular rules tester capability and see the result displayed. Please consult the documentation for details on this REST API and rules tester to understand how to use DMN within an application.

If you want to run the complete suite of TCK tests, you can install the DMN Rules Tester application (available from the DXP App Library) which includes a copy of the TCK rules, and it includes a JavaScript runner that will walk through all the DMN tests and report the results. You might need to refresh the application with the latest tests from the DMN TCK repository. Anyone wishing to do this should probably contact Fujitsu America for assistance.

Awards for Fujitsu DXP

The Fujitsu Middleware Integration Award for Americas Region was awarded to Fujitsu DXP in December 2017.